Lockdown training support from two past students

Two former students, Eelly Shaw and Niamh Connor, have been keeping busy with ideas for dance training in lockdown.

From Elly Shaw

During the lockdown I have recorded tutorials for choreography from Cats and some of my own choreography trying to explore different styles for the students to train in during their time at home. I also filmed a cardio and dance warmup as it’s essential for dancers to keep up their fitness and be warm before dancing! The online classroom has been full of classes of all different styles and amazing ways to keep the students entertained and dancing!

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From Niamh Connor

As part of being in lockdown and the school being closed, I have created a variety of short classes and routines on google classroom. If you can get past my extreme lack of space and interruptions from my dog then they will be especially useful to those wanting to learn a little more about the industry, about college and explore some new styles. When I was a student I loved learning from people who had trained/worked recently to give me the most up to date knowledge so I wanted to use what I’ve learnt at Bird to help you guys! I hope you all enjoy them and use them to keep fit and trained!

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