Child protection

A child’s welfare is paramount and will always be put ahead of achievement.

A child is anyone under 18 years of age.

Sargent and Plester School of Dance will:

  • Ensure the safety and protection of all children/adults involved in dance, through adherence to the child protection guidelines adopted by the school.
  • Respect the rights, dignity and worth of every pupil regardless of gender, racial background, age, sexual orientation or disability.
  • Keep a log of any injury that occurs will be kept and parents informed of any accidents
  • Take action in the event of any noticeable signs of abuse, neglect and self-harm
  • Make sure pupils are not left alone outside the premises, parents must supply a contact number so the teachers can contact the parent/guardians if necessary
  • Will prevent the employment/deployment of unsuitable individuals.

This policy refers to my staff, students, teachers and anyone working or helping the school. The Sargent and Plester School will ensure everyone understands their responsibilities regarding the policy.

Teachers will occasionally be required to touch the pupils appropriately in order to correct dance movements, by physically moving the pupil into the correct alignment, to assist with effective teaching.
All details of any safeguarding issues will be stored confidentially and stored securely.