Where are they now

Many of our pupils go on to study further and become professional dancers, teachers or chaperones.

Eleanor Shaw

Having danced with Sargent and Plester from three years old, at sixteen Elly was lucky enough to be awarded a Dada Scholarship to further her training at the prestigious Urdang Academy.
Having graduated after three years with a diploma in Musical Theatre, Elly secured her first professional adult job in August 2018 with Royal Caribbean Cruises, where she is playing Victoria the White Cat in Andrew Lloyd Webber’s ‘Cats – the Musical’!

A parent’s view – from Sam Shaw in 2013

My daughter started dancing with Sargent and Plester shortly before her third birthday. After spending many afternoons twirling and dancing around the living room, leaving a destructive path in her wake, I thought it would be a good idea to channel that energy into something exciting and productive. Now at 14 years old, she has never looked

Dancing gave my daughter self-confidence, coordination and an active childhood.
Even from the age of 3 the fun filled dance classes teach the children structure and discipline in preparation for starting school.

Not only does dancing help young children physically, it can enhance their social wellbeing. It is incredibly easy to make great friends at dancing class as everyone there shares a mutual passion.
Some of my daughters closest friends have come from Sargent and Plester and it is healthy for children to have friendship groups outside of school.Over the years, under the guidance of Miss Yvonne, my daughter has developed grace and poise and has matured into a confident teenager.

She has loved dancing from her very first lesson but most importantly dancing is a lot of fun.

— Sam Shaw, 2013


I started at Sargent and Plester at the age of 4 and Miss Yvonne taught me a huge amount, not just for the dance and performance industry but also to shape me as a person. The school is extremely friendly, professional and full of fantastic opportunities. The knowledge and experience of the teachers is second to none and I couldn’t imagine training anywhere else, mainly because it caters for all! Those who want to continue dance just because they enjoy it and those who want a professional career. Miss Yvonne has had great success in creating dancers and singers for industry training but also created lifelong friendships and given advice that is beyond compare.

I am graduating this year (2020) from Doreen Bird College after 3 years of professional training. Miss Yvonne and the rest of the teachers, gave me the best possible foundation to prepare me for the leap into vocational college.


I would like to thank Miss Yvonne for persuading me to take up more dance styles and really push me to the best of my ability which has now allowed me to progress to getting into Bird College and allow me to pursue the career that I love so much.

After leaving Sargent and Plester I started at Doreen Bird College. I believe this school gave me the best foundation to prepare me for professional training and I cannot thank Miss Yvonne enough.





Sargent and Plester taught me far more then how to dance. It taught me perseverance, creativity, confidence, teamwork, discipline, the list goes on. The hours spent at the school over the years are clearly influential as to who I am today, and are particularly prominent in my work ethic, attitude and confidence. Dance introduced me to the performing industry, something I did not shy away from and found that I wanted to pursue. Which is why I am now training at East 15 Acting School, on the Cert HE course in Acting. Aside from this, dance gave me endless, fun and happy memories, amazing opportunities and lifelong friends and I cannot thank this school and Miss Yvonne enough.



Charlotte Green

Charlotte started at Sargent and Plester when she was a tiny 4 year old, who just wanted to learn ballet. She progressed up the classes as she grew, joining the other dance streams on option, as the dancing bug took hold. Modern, tap and national dance.
Through the dance school she was introduced to the town theatre, where she auditioned and was accepted in various pantomimes.
All children that work in theatre, legally have to be chaperoned, and when Charlotte was too old to audition for the chorus dance teams, she offered to chaperone instead.
It was because she had gained the Head chaperone role, of a local theatre, that she impressed a top West End show. She went in almost at the top, with a Deputy Head Chaperone position at The Cambridge Theatre, showing ‘Matilda’. She is also acting head from time to time.
Working with a London theatre you get invited to many events or TV filming where you accompany the young actors, The One show, Blue Peter to name just a few.
She’s now in her third yearly contract and still thoroughly enjoying it. Not only does she do a job she loves, she gets paid for it.
Charlotte appreciates the values she learnt while at Sargent and Plester, not just the dancing, but the support and discipline that goes with it, all add up to build your confidence and self esteem as a person.
Charlotte adds ,“if you don’t go on to be a professional dancer, it’s still a great doorway into the performing arts industry”.