Some memories from past pupils of the School

The Honour girls

We started at the Sargent & Plester School of Dance at a young age and all grew up in the school making many lifelong friends.

Our experiences within the school were amazing. We loved all of our lessons and taking part in the Choreographic Competition, Festivals, and the flower show. We gained so much experience and stage craft in the Pantomime.

We all have so many fun memories with Miss Yvonne, Miss Sargent and later on with Sam too and It was within this school that we realised we wanted our dancing to be a way of life and not just a hobby.

We thank you so much for developing our understanding, knowledge and love of dance, you gave us the perfect foundation for the amazing dance careers we now have.

The Honour family would not be the same without the Sargent & Plester School of Dance!!

Verity Biggs

When I proudly put on the little blue skirt at the age of 3 I never dreamed how important Sargent and Plester would be in my life. thanks to your teaching I have achieved things I didn’t believe I could. Dance has led me to have many great life experiences such as pantomime and dancing as a mouse with the Russian Ballet. You have taught me to be competitive within myself , to reach my potential and I cannot thank you enough for everything you have done for me.

Kathryn Olive

Dancing taught me to be dedicated, determined and to persevere. For me it created lifelong friends with memories I will treasure forever. It will always be a part of my life and even now I listen to music and think, that would be good to dance to. Whenever I smell hairspray it reminds me competitions and Panto, changing rooms, being made up and wearing questionable costumes which can still bring back smiles. It taught me how to work as a team and how to be disciplined in an art that still inspires and excites me. It provided me with a passion for something I truly loved and made me believe that if any of us put in the hard work anything was possible.

Katie Smith

I have been told that I first wanted to go to Ballet because ‘Jen and Katherine’ (Gershon) went and I wanted to do what they did…despite my mother being Miss Yvonne! Ballet lessons introduced me to one of my closest friends today; my fondest memories are winning competitions with her- the Katie and Kathryn cup! Messing around back stage, laughing at each other in Pantomime, rehearsing in Kathryn’s living room and most of all supporting each other when we won…and lost. I was never the best at dancing, and didn’t always get the highest exam results, however what I took away from dance was something much more valuable. I learnt to be confident within myself, overcome my fears and develop a true sense of self-worth. Dancing gives you so much more than just the ability to leap across a stage.

I currently work in a prison which houses some of the country’s most volatile young men; it’s not a comfortable experience walking onto a landing with 70 unpredictable teenagers, but when I do, I hold my head up high and use the same poise and confidence as if I was walking onto a stage.

I have never really thanked my mother, Miss Yvonne for everything she has done in not only my life, but those lives that she has touched through dance. She might be strict and work you to the bone, but those valuable lessons you learn at the school will stick with you well into your future!!

Thank you for teaching me to dream big.

Eva Powell

One of my very earliest memories of life (I can only have been 2 or 3) is sitting in a circle on the dance floor doing heels and toes as a group. I very fondly look back on the 17 years I spent at S&P. From a 2 year old to 19 and going off to university it was a really rewarding part of my life. My Mum likes to remember that when I first started I called you Miss’s Von as I must have been so young I couldn’t pronounce your name.

Endless Saturday’s growing up with a great group of girls (and Tim), towards the later years there may have been the odd hangover or two (not so great for pirouettes!) and we spent an awful lot of pocket money at the sweet shop down the road.I also very fondly remember the opportunities we got to dance with touring ballet companies. I recall that one particular spring break in Wales, with some unexpected and rare sunshine rendered my role as a snowflake in one of these productions somewhat hard to achieve. The white body paint not really covering up my lovely sun tan.

Not exactly a memory, but I think that dancing on stage prepared me for some of what I do now in my job. I often have to speak to large groups of people and it isn’t nearly as nerve racking as coming on to that stage at The Elgiva.

Ellie Pardoe

Thank you for being such an amazing dance teacher. You have helped me gain so much confidence. I never thought I would be capable of such things. I honestly wouldn’t be the person I am today without dance and without you. Thank you so much I am going to miss you so much and thank you for giving me the best advice when I was stressed about school!

Thank you for being such an amazing dance teacher. You have helped me gain so much confidence. I never thought I would be capable of such things. I honestly wouldn’t be the person I am today without dance and without you. Thank you so much I am going to miss you so much and thank you for giving me the best advice when I was stressed about school!

Sophia Burnage

My time at S&P School of Dance was fun, happy and rewarding and I can honestly say that it has definitely made a significant impact to my career choice, work ethic and overall attitude. In particular, the discipline, respect and learning of how to succeed as a team has made me into the person I am today. It’s not really surprising that I am a Makeup Artist when I loved playing with my makeup and hair when getting ready for competitions and shows… any excuse to put on a sparkly wig and sequins. Miss Yvonne (and she will always be Miss Yvonne to us) believed in her students and she always knew how to get the best out of them, as she knew everyone individually. I am so pleased to be associated with this amazing school of dance. I only wish I lived closer to enroll my daughter when she’s ready for good toes, naughty toes.

Thank you Miss Yvonne.

Jen Gershon

As a Marketing Director an important part of my job is pulling teams of people together, and inspiring in them a vision and the possibilities for brands. Reflecting on my time dancing at Sargent and Plester, this was something I learnt and practised at an early age! My favourite part of dance was choreography (either groups I was a part of, or to teach to the younger children) and developing concepts or ‘visions’ for dances, and working with the groups to bring these to life was great fun, creating lifelong friends and happy memories!

My 3 year old daughter, Poppy, loves her ballet classes, and my second daughter, Matilda, will start this September. I already see in her where dance can teach your imagination to go, and hopefully what dreams and possibilities that can bring!

Katherine Gershon

Dancing taught me confidence, that great deportment and presentation, not to mention a big smile means you can carry off almost anything. It works just as well when presenting at work as it did in dancing exams and Choreographics!
I made some great lifelong friends through dancing and still treasure happy memories of my years at Sargent & Plester.

Alicia Okines

My overwhelming memory of Sargent and Plester is all the laughter and fun. Although we worked hard, most of the time we also had lots of fun and plenty of giggles. Even when our feet were bleeding from pointe work, we usually found something to laugh about.
I made friends for life in Mary and Sarah (and of course the wonderful Gershons!) and will forever be grateful for the support that I received from everyone after Mum died.

Katie Burnage

Dancing has been and continues to be such an integral element of my personality and performance. I believe it has helped me in my professional role today, communicating with patients and other healthcare professionals and delivering lectures at a University level. It has helped with dressage competitions (a new hobby post dancing) once I’d stopped turning my feet out and holding my reins in first position.

I look back at my time at S&P with such fond and happy memories and do have photos of choreographic competitions and pantomimes up at home. It has taught me discipline, perseverance, pride and confidence. I absolutely loved being part of S&P, the social side of making lifelong friends and having Miss Yvonne to inspire and motivate me. S&P is where I developed my desire to achieve, to always try my hardest and not let people down. Hard work, bleeding toes and aching muscles were all worth it for the love and laughter we shared at S&P. I cried the day I left the school when I was going off to University and remember coming back in immediately just to say thank you and goodbye again.

You never truly leave S&P. It’s with you for life and that’s what makes it so special. It’s part of the family and will always have a special place in my heart. Thank you Miss Yvonne.

Nicola Hale

I think the main thing the school taught me was discipline and co-ordination, both of which I have kept in adulthood. Although I may not be the size I was when I was 14 I can still do it, it certainly helps with Zumba!

Kemma Morris

I spent a lot of my child hood at the Sargent and Plester studio! I learnt patience and endurance. And it always helps to add a little flourish and a curtsy, along with a smile.

Kate Pepper

I currently work in Trade Finance in the City, a world away from dancing! But my time at Sargent and Plester has influenced my life in so many ways. Had it not been for dancing with Miss Yvonne I would not have learnt the self-discipline, determination and self-belief which led me to where I am today.

My time at Sargent and Plester taught me so much more than how to dance and has made a huge difference to my life, words cannot express my gratitude!